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Our Doctors
Preecha Chanthawijaikul

Dr. Preecha has established 66 Dental Clinics since 1982 and has been working at the clinics for over 30 years. Dr Preecha graduated from Chulalongkorn University and has worked in several hospitals before 66 Dental Clinic

Wilaiwan Chanthawijaikul

Dr. Wilaiwan has over 40 years of experience treating the patients from all over the world coming to 66 Dental Clinic. Dr Wilaiwan graduated from Chulalongkorn university in Thailand and has operated the clinic for over 30 years

Our Clinic


Located in old town Bangkok, the city’s most charming side, 66 Dental Clinic was established in 1982 by Dr Preecha and Wilaiwan Chanthawijaikul. Dr Preecha and Wilaiwan met at Chulalongkorn University’s dental school and had spent 40 years of their lives together building one of the most trusted local dental offices in the area


Latest Clinic News:


66 Dental Clinic renovated and opened


Jan 1, 2019


After the clinic closed for 2 months, 66 Dental Clinic now opened again in January 2019 with a newer and better equipment for dentists at the clinic to treat the patients within the community and tourists who come to the charming town for treatment

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